What is your Body Shape?


Well hello there, I just thought I share another blog but this time on What is your body shape? So how many of you know and don’t know? is a question that we all seem to not know the answer to? In my styling diploma studies, it has shown me some valuable information and on what body shapes we all are!

So firstly you need to determine your size and shape by measuring areas of your body and how your frame is structured. I know it sounds a little bit like I’m talking about something that is about to be built from scratch!! Anyway to help with this stand tall in front of a mirror and study your body shape. I am actually the inverted triangle shape also known as the carrot shape as I have wider shoulders than my hips and a not so defined waistline and a reasonable size bust and good shaped legs. Below these are some styles that suit the inverted triangle shape.. wrap over styles will create a more curving waist line and give the hips more definition as well as a shaped waistline.

Screen-Shot-2018-10-11-at-2.04.29-pm-500x257    b17e67c0a91e0958bff53c82a98b65ba--photos-of-photo-shoot

Anyway moving on I am  going to go through a summary of all the body shapes and tell you a little bit about on how you  can tell what shape you are? so next up is The Pear shaped body…  if you have narrow built shoulders, a smaller bust area and a defined waistline and bigger hips this is the pear shape body type.  Below there are 4 dress styles that suit the pear shape body, with these cuts they take away the larger hip area away and also cinch the waist line in creating the top half giving the shoulder areas and bust area a more defined shape.

030617-body-type3           IMG_0295           

Next up as I am now quickly going to tell you about the hourglass body shape…      Hourglass body shapes have a wide bust, a narrow waist, and wide hips with a similar measurement to that of the bust. Below here are some styles that are great for the hour glass body shape.

ee8e2bf19bbc6f60dd454b686a166890              Hour-Glass-Figure      

For the hourglass figure I have searched the pieces above which highlights the natural curves and proportionally balances both the upper and lower body at the same time by flaunting a well defined waist line.

Right I am now flying through my talk on body shapes and I am hoping this is helping some of you out there that are unsure of what body type you are? next up is the Rectangle shape… A Rectangle body shape is the body shape category that approximately a third of women fall into. Usually, your curves are evenly proportioned and you may find your waist is not as defined. In addition, a Rectangle body shape can come with wide shoulders and chunky calves. Below here are 4 dress styles that suit the rectangle shape.

maxresdefault    70847322f3a41a7c2c8a00bd43e06e28.png

well I think these 4 styles create a illusion of curves and a defined waist, and also try and flaunt your lean arms and legs as this certainly gives the rectangle body shape those defined flaws.

I hope this is helping everyone and its a bit of education in itself to understand our body shapes as well as knowing how to dress according to your shape. I have also discovered that there so many shapes to Strawberry, banana, apple which I had not thought that there would be such body types!

Any way lastly we come to the Apple body shape… this shape has a wide torso and broad shoulders with an average to full size bust area, an undefined waist, thinner arms and legs, a flat bottom area and hips that are narrower than the bust. Below my searches for clothing for the apple shape type is a mix of styles.

unnamed  cea1dd668bccf21c21ac2bd17be66c4f

So with these key pieces you will find with a apple shape is to elongate the torso, which will draw attention to your legs and create the illusion of a waist and opt for structured pieces as they will add definition and hide the extra weight.

shapes-1024x545               women-s-body-types

I hope this has given some of you out there a tip on how to dress our body shape and  I have put up a some more body shape images that I have not quite covered as I could go on with the endless list of shapes but I wouldn’t want to bore you than I have done. So till the next time I hope you enjoyed reading about What Body shape you are?

Also if you would like to leave any comments below I wil be happy to answer to any of your comments below.

Best wishes

Jaz Birk xx


Part 1 My Nephew Amarpreet weds Carolina 22/04/19

Hi everyone it’s been 6 months since I last wrote a blog and this time I’m turning my blog writing to something completely different to a level where I will be taking you on a journey of my nephews  wedding celebrations that happened over the Easter bank holiday weekend!

So let’s take a tour into my nephews wedding celebrations that involved good family company, lots of delicious Indian foods and also a lot of alcohol and lots of dancing!

My nephews wedding started off with a 4 day itinerary of what was to be expected of the wedding!

Day 1 Friday.. was the pre wedding party celebrations which took place on the Easter Good Friday at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester where all the family got together to mark the special occasion of the bride and groom to be!

On arrival pre drinks and prosseco was drunk before entering in to the main hall to be seated that catered with lots of food and drinks! speeches were followed and then the DJ blasted some Bhangra tracks to having the groom side making a entrance with decorative pots with lights known as the Jaggo which is a traditional form of dance at Sikh weddings to a very well known punjabi song called the Jatta Jag Veyo!! which I still don’t know the meaning of ??

Here is my Nephew Amarpreet Singh Chohan looking quite dashing in his turban and smart outfit at the Marriott Hotel, looking quite the part with excitement flashed across his handsome face.


Carolina Izquierdo Marchesi who was to become my nephews bride she is Spanish Colombian had all her family and friends that travelled from abroad attended the wedding which congregated into a multi cultural wedding. My Nephew Amarpreet who is Indian Sikh met his beautiful Latino 4 years ago and it was the Easter bank holiday weekend that the wedding date was set for.


The beautiful bride to be, here she is in a red Saree with intricate gold embroidery standing with a pose with, Amarpreet’s beautiful sister Harpreet, who is dressed in a beautiful black Saree for the evening reception. Both looking stunning in Indian wear attire elegantly wearing sarees, as they have to look perfectly wrapped round the body giving a silhouette of chicness..


The party was amazing and there was a lot of dancing and sore feet which led the night into the early hours of the morning finishing late that night! My god my feet were sore and swollen as I dragged myself off to bed at the hotel at 2.00am that night!

Day 2 on the Saturday we all were at the Chohans  residence for 12 midday for the Mehindi, Maiya and a good Indian lunch for everyone in the Marquee which was beautifully set out and decorated! The weather was on our side with the warm rays of sunshine which was a bonus as we were all going to be outside!


So firstly after everyone had tucked into a delicious Indian spinach curry and parathas with corn flour Makki de Roti we were set to then start the Indian tradition of the Maiya which, is basically to cleanse and brighten the groom and bride in glowing radiance by applying a substance made of gram flour, and mustard oil which is then made into a paste like dough to rub onto the skin.



I created and made a rangoli board pattern as you can see in the photo as this is a symbolic piece of where the grooms mother gathers the remains of the dough once the tradition is completed and forms hand prints on the wall that they are both blessed at the end. They both also are given something sweet to eat at the end too! A tradition also is that sweet yellow rice called Jarda is giving to all the family guests to eat as we all had that after our delicious Indian lunch..


Once that was done we relaxed a little and then the next part of the day was the mehndi, where the bride had her feet and her hands beautifully done with a mehndi pattern. This symbolises having henna put on that a woman when getting married that she is the bride.



Part 2 Amarpreet weds Carolina 22/04/19

So once everyone had their mehndi applied and even the children had it done, we all had a great meal set for the evening which was a Artisan Pizza Van that sat on the drive way at the Chohans Residence, with head chefs making pizzas as they went along with everyone’s choice of pizza toppings. A fantastic plan and everyone was full and happy!


After that we danced the night away and everyone went home before midnight. I think we all were tired from the Friday’s party celebrations at the Marriott so it was a good time to leave.


Day 3 Sunday.. Myself and my family we were back at home ready for the next part of the wedding as we had to repack and head to the Ramada hotel Bishops Stortford near Stansted airport as the venue was around a 12 mins drive to the  Quendon Hall parklands for the wedding day on the Monday!


It wasn’t a long drive for us as it was just over a hour! So off we went Sunday evening at 5pm and got to our hotel where we met everyone later at the Novotel hotel for a evening buffet meal!

Day 4 Monday… it’s the wedding day and everyone is so excited! Hair, make up and my Saree and jewellery was set in place and we were ready to leave for the venue!


The wedding ceremony took place at 3pm that afternoon but before that we had a greeting with Carolina’s family by welcoming them with beautiful garlands of flowers that we put over them. Canapés followed where I indulged into a couple of glasses of prosseco  and munched on baba ganoush and Spanish kebabs I think that was what they were called!!

Photos were taken and then everyone made their way to be seated for the ceremony. It was beautiful, vows were said and tears were had by our beautiful Indian bride Caro! Finally they were married woohoo and everyone beamed with escatic joy!


Everyone was enjoying more drinks that afternoon with entertainment by the Mariachi and dancing on the grounds of the beautiful venue. More pics of family members taken and lots of laughs too along the way!


Part 3 Amarpreet weds Carolina 22/04/19

This by far is the longest blog I have written and I am enjoying it so far to now taking you to showing you my family pics as I have a very large family indeed.

Each and everyone in this photograph comes from three generations Mums and daughters and grandchildren all strong and loving individuals!

Myself in the Saree and my husband and beautiful daughters dressed and suited to one another as always. I have far too many photos to share so let’s just speed things up a little and move on to part 4 of the wedding reception that took place that evening!! So move on over and let me take you there…




Part 4 Amarpreet weds Carolina 22/04/19

Well hello again and here we are now to the last part of Amo and Caro’s Wedding celebrations! Wow what a day! We entered into the main hall where  everyone is seated at their tables with a seated plan. I was sat next to my husband and my beautiful niece Jasmin as I don’t rarely get to spend as much time with all my family members as we are such a mega big bunch! Meet my niece jasmin where we both had a sefie pic that she took which was so lovely!



Lots of speeches were made which were fabulous and my dad did one too bless him! By this time the best till last were my nephews speech and Carolina’s where we toasted to each and everyone’s speeches made. We ate and drank and drank more and that’s when the party started!

First dance was when Amo and carro danced to Luther Vandross ‘Never too much’ which then went into Latino style! Everyone joined in we danced the night away! My mum was the highlight of the night as she danced with all her grand children and even did some salsa moves!


So to now finish here are the fabulous Mr and Mrs Cho Cho or as we would say Mr & Mrs Chohan finally tied the knot and now husband and wife! This sure was a lovely fairy tale wedding for this awesome couple! To end on a note here are some pics of the wedding. I hope you enjoyed this journey into reading about my nephews wedding as he is a remarkable and truly loving nephew, and I look forward to seeing all my other nieces and nephews have their special day too for future weddings to be had.

Love to you all and till the next time…

Jaz Birk xx








Leopard Print Trends

Hello everyone! it’s that time again for me to share another blog post this time on leopard print styles! Leopard prints are this years A/W18 trends and are every where selling in all high street shops and online. I would have to say that it’s a kind of statement piece in your wardrobe and you got to know how you can pull the prints off! leopard prints are everyone’s must have trending piece whether it is footwear, a dress, blouse top or skirt, it’s a case of wearing one or the other but some do go for the whole look by wearing this print head to toe! I have found some fashionable pieces of some leopard print styles which I  searched and found on Pinterest as my added examples..

leopard print styles in skirts and a jacket A/W18

IMG_7946 (2).PNG

IMG_7947 (2)

IMG_7948 (2).PNG

Leopard Print beach dress – River Island

IMG_7950 (2)

Leopard print dress – ZARA

IMG_7951 (2)

The good thing I like about leopard prints is, that you can wear it with other stapled pieces in your wardrobe for example in my image finds you have the jeans and the blue turtle neck sweater and a black t shirt which are great examples of styles to put on with this print. You will find that there are also different colors to this print trending in dark pinks, reds even orange. Here are some high street finds that I searched on line in these pieces below.

Red leopard print dress – NEW LOOK

Orange leopard print dress  – NEW LOOK

Red leopard print shirt dress – WARE HOUSE




Leopard print accessories are so in too I just purchased a pair of block heel leopard print sandals at Silkfred.com at £32.00

This is my first ever leopard print shoe buy! and after seeing them every where I just had to get in the trend of getting them. Shoes are my weakness as I feel you can’t have too many of them and a new pair is great, especially  when you want to wear them with a outfit in dressing up or down. I love the style and the look of these sandals as the back part of the sandal shows off the leopard print and would look good on with wearing a cropped styled pair of jeans like I have in my pic or with a dress.

IMG_7939 (3).PNG


Here are a few more on my style finds on shoes and accessories!


IMG_7952 (2)

IMG_7953 (2)

The belt and the handbag are from ZARA!! I think? I should have added links in on where these are from but as online or in high street stores no doubt you cannot miss these accessories every where!

Also here are some tops that caught my eye as I was looking online these would look great on with jeans and skirts. The red animal print top and the wrap over short sleeve top with the curve ring tie belt, are from NEW LOOK and the long sleeve wrap over blouse is from Silk Fred which I purchased online and bought. So the fetish of leopard prints is growing on me but I don’t think I would go crazy enough to buy every item in this print to add in my wardrobe, I would have to say that the wrap over blouse below that I got at Silk Fred and the sandals and not forgetting the red leopard print shirt dress from OUTFIT are my fair share of buys in these prints but crazy enough it didn’t stop me from buying more!!




So here I am rocking my leopard prints in my style choices and I have to say they do look good on and it’s certainly shifted me out of my comfort zone of not feeling like I can’t pull the style off. Give some thought on your outfits and mix and match up with accessories, I have seen leopard print shoes that can be worn with practically anything,  I even have started to wear my leopard printed scarves with pieces that add some texture, next up will be to get a nice leopard print clutch bag to go with my sandals that will go with any colored outfit as this print just goes with anything! I have certainly unleashed myself in trying something new in putting a style together as it’s big on trend.

Also M&S have the new HOLLY MUST HAVES in store I purchased the animal long sleeve pleated style dress and fell in love with the fabric straight away as its pure polyester and soft to the touch!

@silkfred.com – brand label AX PARIS leopard print wrap over top at £22.00 WAREHOUSE animal print shirt dress at £15.00

IMG_8126 (2)

IMG_E8135 (2)

Animal print shirt dress at MARKS AND SPENCERS £49.50


IMG_8134 (2)

So they you have it my leopard print style finds that will rock a look in anyway you choose to dress it more or less!

Till the next time when I hope to share more on my blogs!

Inspiredbyjkb xx



Printed styling

Hello there, its time to share some more fashion style tips,  I will be sharing my thoughts on some printed styles that I  purchased  over the months that,  I have worn and love! Prints are every where this season from dresses, jumpsuits, trousers and tops. I love a good printed style where you can dress it with accessorizing it with the right types of accessories e.g shoes, handbags and jewellry. I own a fair bit of printed clothing this summer but now as we are drawing near to the month of September I am now seeing Autumn styles coming in stores and online which happen to be leopard prints!

My searches on line in printed dresses are in a vast selection for this seasons trending styles so, here are some I picked out in some wrap style midi dresses..

4130346270750_072_b (1)


Loving the yellow shade with the flowery print and frill edging round the neck line and on the cuffed sleeve and at the bottom the frill cascades high up and then tying in at the waist with it wrapping over. A GREAT LOOK! and one that is fabulous to wear this summer paired with flat white sandals or wedges that tie round in on the ankles.



So when it comes to styling I find experimenting different kinds of print styling is a good thing as, abstract designs and stripey prints are just as versatile to have in your day to day wardrobe. I’ve come across many prints in tops and dresses in H&M stores many that are in midi long styles, as I am not one to really wear the dreaded short style type of dresses and having slim legs I do prefer midi styles.

hmgoepprod (4)


This is a nice basic V neck wrap dress with a subtle print design and midi length sleeves that gives this dress that nice comfortable styling. I would personally pair this dress with some great pieces of jewellry round the neck and a bracelet too. Great to wear it on the beach with a sun hat and of course with the flat sandals too.

586919 (2)

hmgoepprod (5)


MULTI STRAND NECKLACE at H&M £6.99 perfect styling for this dress as it has the V neck cut.

Next up here is a great look another Floral print wrap dress at MATCHESFASHION.COM this is a DIANE VON FURSTENBERG number and I love this one!


I love this bright orange shade and the print, again its a midi style and this would look good with some high heel sandals as well as flats! shoe examples with this dress are below in images on what I think would look fab on ..

I have picked out some shoe styles at ZARA here we have a pair of High heel shoes in a shade of orange with a bow detail.

Also chose a Braided flat mule these shoes I have chosen are choices to pair up with the orange dress, as you can dress up or down by wearing heels or flats, if you like to go for the whole outfit with matching shoe colour as well then go for it! or you can base the footwear by dressing with nude neutral tones like I have shown you in the examples on the images I have picked out.


7230301070_2_1_1 (2)


3536301002_1_1_1 (2)

3536301002_2_2_1 (2)

So moving on next up this is a wrap over floral ruffle printed dress that I bought on line at NEW LOOK in the sales. Now this was one of my choices to wear it on holiday going back a couple months ago and I packed it in my suitcase but, didn’t get to wear it at the time as LA in the spring time was cooler and this dress is just above the knee! and I know I said I only like to wear Midi styles but I thought some leg on show wouldn’t be a bad thing! wore it a few times here in the U.K. as we had a glorious hot summer, but I still prefer long to midi styles in dresses..

WRAP OVER RUFFLE DRESS at NEW LOOK bought in sales at £17.00


Next up is a red and black floral printed dress that I bought last year from H&M. This dress csught my eye on display, in store on the mannequin and I loved the sleeves on it. This dress is now out of stock seasoned last year AW17 but I have worn it a number of times this year and last!

Great with boots or sandals as the length of this dress is basically midi maxi style and pleats through in the fabric, it has a elasticated waist to cinch in, and almost gives the effect that the bottom part of the dress looks like a skirt!

H&M last year AW17 season priced at £49.99


Accessorize by basing on just wearing some nice earrings, here are some examples on pieces you can pair up with the dress.


hmgoepprod (6)

Lastly we have two more dresses that I purchased this year one from John Lewis in the Sugar Hill Boutique range and one that I ordered online at ASOS in the Warehouse brand. Excuse my photo image as it is come out slightly dark in me taking the photo wearing this dress!


IMG_7818 (2)


This dress is cotton in fabric and has a draw string type tie belt with tassels at the bottom and is good to cinch in at the waist also had the same ties at the neck line. My thoughts on this dress at first I wasn’t sure until I tried it on and it didn’t look as bad on.

Both purchases were bought online some months ago and I have worn, as these dresses are a nice length and the model wearing in the picture above she is taller, so I guess on me being 5 feet 4 inches the dress comes just below my ankles.

The Sugar hill dress below I love as this is fitted at the waist line and the fabric is a polyester cotton with, a tie at the neckline and zips in at the back. Wore this out with family at dinner and it was suited to wear for any type of occasion.

So there you have it printed styles this summer that I have shared for you all to see and now that we are in the month of September I will be slowly getting my Autumn Winter range in order.


IMG_7704 (2)

IMG_7819 (2)

So till the next time I look forward to writing again soon..