Part 1 My Nephew Amarpreet weds Carolina 22/04/19

Hi everyone it’s been 6 months since I last wrote a blog and this time I’m turning my blog writing to something completely different to a level where I will be taking you on a journey of my nephews  wedding celebrations that happened over the Easter bank holiday weekend!

So let’s take a tour into my nephews wedding celebrations that involved good family company, lots of delicious Indian foods and also a lot of alcohol and lots of dancing!

My nephews wedding started off with a 4 day itinerary of what was to be expected of the wedding!

Day 1 Friday.. was the pre wedding party celebrations which took place on the Easter Good Friday at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester where all the family got together to mark the special occasion of the bride and groom to be!

On arrival pre drinks and prosseco was drunk before entering in to the main hall to be seated that catered with lots of food and drinks! speeches were followed and then the DJ blasted some Bhangra tracks to having the groom side making a entrance with decorative pots with lights known as the Jaggo which is a traditional form of dance at Sikh weddings to a very well known punjabi song called the Jatta Jag Veyo!! which I still don’t know the meaning of ??

Here is my Nephew Amarpreet Singh Chohan looking quite dashing in his turban and smart outfit at the Marriott Hotel, looking quite the part with excitement flashed across his handsome face.


Carolina Izquierdo Marchesi who was to become my nephews bride she is Spanish Colombian had all her family and friends that travelled from abroad attended the wedding which congregated into a multi cultural wedding. My Nephew Amarpreet who is Indian Sikh met his beautiful Latino 4 years ago and it was the Easter bank holiday weekend that the wedding date was set for.


The beautiful bride to be, here she is in a red Saree with intricate gold embroidery standing with a pose with, Amarpreet’s beautiful sister Harpreet, who is dressed in a beautiful black Saree for the evening reception. Both looking stunning in Indian wear attire elegantly wearing sarees, as they have to look perfectly wrapped round the body giving a silhouette of chicness..


The party was amazing and there was a lot of dancing and sore feet which led the night into the early hours of the morning finishing late that night! My god my feet were sore and swollen as I dragged myself off to bed at the hotel at 2.00am that night!

Day 2 on the Saturday we all were at the Chohans  residence for 12 midday for the Mehindi, Maiya and a good Indian lunch for everyone in the Marquee which was beautifully set out and decorated! The weather was on our side with the warm rays of sunshine which was a bonus as we were all going to be outside!


So firstly after everyone had tucked into a delicious Indian spinach curry and parathas with corn flour Makki de Roti we were set to then start the Indian tradition of the Maiya which, is basically to cleanse and brighten the groom and bride in glowing radiance by applying a substance made of gram flour, and mustard oil which is then made into a paste like dough to rub onto the skin.



I created and made a rangoli board pattern as you can see in the photo as this is a symbolic piece of where the grooms mother gathers the remains of the dough once the tradition is completed and forms hand prints on the wall that they are both blessed at the end. They both also are given something sweet to eat at the end too! A tradition also is that sweet yellow rice called Jarda is giving to all the family guests to eat as we all had that after our delicious Indian lunch..


Once that was done we relaxed a little and then the next part of the day was the mehndi, where the bride had her feet and her hands beautifully done with a mehndi pattern. This symbolises having henna put on that a woman when getting married that she is the bride.



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