Part 4 Amarpreet weds Carolina 22/04/19

Well hello again and here we are now to the last part of Amo and Caro’s Wedding celebrations! Wow what a day! We entered into the main hall where  everyone is seated at their tables with a seated plan. I was sat next to my husband and my beautiful niece Jasmin as I don’t rarely get to spend as much time with all my family members as we are such a mega big bunch! Meet my niece jasmin where we both had a sefie pic that she took which was so lovely!



Lots of speeches were made which were fabulous and my dad did one too bless him! By this time the best till last were my nephews speech and Carolina’s where we toasted to each and everyone’s speeches made. We ate and drank and drank more and that’s when the party started!

First dance was when Amo and carro danced to Luther Vandross ‘Never too much’ which then went into Latino style! Everyone joined in we danced the night away! My mum was the highlight of the night as she danced with all her grand children and even did some salsa moves!


So to now finish here are the fabulous Mr and Mrs Cho Cho or as we would say Mr & Mrs Chohan finally tied the knot and now husband and wife! This sure was a lovely fairy tale wedding for this awesome couple! To end on a note here are some pics of the wedding. I hope you enjoyed this journey into reading about my nephews wedding as he is a remarkable and truly loving nephew, and I look forward to seeing all my other nieces and nephews have their special day too for future weddings to be had.

Love to you all and till the next time…

Jaz Birk xx








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