What is your Body Shape?


Well hello there, I just thought I share another blog but this time on What is your body shape? So how many of you know and don’t know? is a question that we all seem to not know the answer to? In my styling diploma studies, it has shown me some valuable information and on what body shapes we all are!

So firstly you need to determine your size and shape by measuring areas of your body and how your frame is structured. I know it sounds a little bit like I’m talking about something that is about to be built from scratch!! Anyway to help with this stand tall in front of a mirror and study your body shape. I am actually the inverted triangle shape also known as the carrot shape as I have wider shoulders than my hips and a not so defined waistline and a reasonable size bust and good shaped legs. Below these are some styles that suit the inverted triangle shape.. wrap over styles will create a more curving waist line and give the hips more definition as well as a shaped waistline.

Screen-Shot-2018-10-11-at-2.04.29-pm-500x257    b17e67c0a91e0958bff53c82a98b65ba--photos-of-photo-shoot

Anyway moving on I am  going to go through a summary of all the body shapes and tell you a little bit about on how you  can tell what shape you are? so next up is The Pear shaped body…  if you have narrow built shoulders, a smaller bust area and a defined waistline and bigger hips this is the pear shape body type.  Below there are 4 dress styles that suit the pear shape body, with these cuts they take away the larger hip area away and also cinch the waist line in creating the top half giving the shoulder areas and bust area a more defined shape.

030617-body-type3           IMG_0295           

Next up as I am now quickly going to tell you about the hourglass body shape…      Hourglass body shapes have a wide bust, a narrow waist, and wide hips with a similar measurement to that of the bust. Below here are some styles that are great for the hour glass body shape.

ee8e2bf19bbc6f60dd454b686a166890              Hour-Glass-Figure      

For the hourglass figure I have searched the pieces above which highlights the natural curves and proportionally balances both the upper and lower body at the same time by flaunting a well defined waist line.

Right I am now flying through my talk on body shapes and I am hoping this is helping some of you out there that are unsure of what body type you are? next up is the Rectangle shape… A Rectangle body shape is the body shape category that approximately a third of women fall into. Usually, your curves are evenly proportioned and you may find your waist is not as defined. In addition, a Rectangle body shape can come with wide shoulders and chunky calves. Below here are 4 dress styles that suit the rectangle shape.

maxresdefault    70847322f3a41a7c2c8a00bd43e06e28.png

well I think these 4 styles create a illusion of curves and a defined waist, and also try and flaunt your lean arms and legs as this certainly gives the rectangle body shape those defined flaws.

I hope this is helping everyone and its a bit of education in itself to understand our body shapes as well as knowing how to dress according to your shape. I have also discovered that there so many shapes to Strawberry, banana, apple which I had not thought that there would be such body types!

Any way lastly we come to the Apple body shape… this shape has a wide torso and broad shoulders with an average to full size bust area, an undefined waist, thinner arms and legs, a flat bottom area and hips that are narrower than the bust. Below my searches for clothing for the apple shape type is a mix of styles.

unnamed  cea1dd668bccf21c21ac2bd17be66c4f

So with these key pieces you will find with a apple shape is to elongate the torso, which will draw attention to your legs and create the illusion of a waist and opt for structured pieces as they will add definition and hide the extra weight.

shapes-1024x545               women-s-body-types

I hope this has given some of you out there a tip on how to dress our body shape and  I have put up a some more body shape images that I have not quite covered as I could go on with the endless list of shapes but I wouldn’t want to bore you than I have done. So till the next time I hope you enjoyed reading about What Body shape you are?

Also if you would like to leave any comments below I wil be happy to answer to any of your comments below.

Best wishes

Jaz Birk xx


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