Styling a dress over denim jeans


Hi there it’s been sometime since I shared a blog on styling! I wanted to share some looks on how to style a dress over a pair of jeans. We all probably own lots of dresses in our wardrobe that don’t get a look into wearing! Well you can wear your dresses all year round through spring/summer and autumn/winter without having to wait to wear them again.

You got to have the right kind of styling to wear a dress over jeans. Some lengths can be above the knee or midi. A shirt dress is a good one to start with as you can leave it open and pair it up with a t-shirt and jeans.


There are so many optional ways of wearing dresses over jeans. Lots of different styles to choose from. A smock style dress that comes above the knee goes perfectly with a cropped ankle pair of denims.


Wrap over styles are another style that go well in styling over denim or a top buttoned dress that has a open spilt front that drapes over the pair of jeans.


I love the fact that wearing dresses over trousers is a 90’s style that Sarah Jessica Parker first made in wearing on the streets which inspired me to go for that entire look in utilising my dresses in wearing on a daily basis.


Everyone might not be as brave enough to style this way but it’s a come back style even now in 2019 as styles always make a come back in being a little edgy with fashion. Tunics are still on trend with wearing with jeans that are above the knee.


This is me wearing  a green printed tunic with skinny jeans as this was a easy and comfortable day look to go out in. This dress is from the New Look store that I have had for sometime now and is versatile in wearing with a pair of denims. So do look at the shape and style that is going to be practical.


I love this black floral printed ruffle trim dress over the jeans as the cut off point on this length has that opening over denim and gives the whole 90’s vibe and the sandals add some pop of colour to the outfit. I would personally go for this look in this style to wear over my denims.


Let’s talk about shirt dresses now these are a winner in styling over jeans not only can you just button up where you want for the dress to have the opening, it just ticks all the boxes for me and this one in the image has a tie belt so, even more the better to wear with a cami underneath. Cool and chic with a pair of distressed rip cut jeans or if you prefer to keep your look more formal and casual go for a pair with no rips.

3EE3E0B2-99D0-4D8F-8B2F-A1E207A5FD2BFlowing cuts with asymmetrical cuts also are fab over jeans! I love this red dress and yellow Skirt hem style dress with white jeans both styles rock up to trend and probably have been seen on the catwalk. Whether it’s black or blue or white denim it’s all optional in styling with the perfect dress.


Lastly with black you can’t go wrong with this dotted wrap over dress over denim jeans and boots for the autumn/winter vibe. Simple and chic with choices of accessories that you can pair up with this whole look. Street style and a practical comfortable look too.

I hope I have inspired some of you to experiment with dresses you own in your wardrobe in going for that 90’s vibe look. Go for a style because your personality isn’t the first thing people see!

Till the next time..

Jaz x


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