What Shoes to wear with the little black dress?

Hi its that time once again for me to blog about finding the right types of shoes with, a black dress. I guess it’s quite easy as black clothing goes with any type of shoes or sandals as it works as a good canvas to pop some color to a outfit. There’s a image I have uploaded below to show you, of a black short dress and Maroon Heels with a plat form sole. This style would be perfect for work attire or even a smart formal dinner date.

What I love about shoes is that no matter how many pairs you have, there are styles of matching them up with any black dress. Whether they are strapped sandals or high heeled shoes these looks work well, even on a black jumpsuit or black trousers or black jeans!

If you are going for that casual look in style, there is a image below of a model in a long sleeve black t shirt dress wearing white high top converse trainers, sunglasses and carrying a black tote bag. This look is basic and street styled for a comfortable look and black goes great with white trainer footwear.




Below we have different styles in shoes that happen to be in every color. I searched online and came across the Sarah Jessica Parker shoe line and still remember the day I visited one of her stores in the USA! It was just so great to see every shoe style in different colors and embellished with a diamond piece on top of some of the shoes.

Gorgeously designed and in a satin finish with a high heel these SJP shoes would look fab on with a little black dress. Now clearly if I owned every colour pair of shoes in my wardrobe which I don’t!!  I would firstly have to get a walk in wardrobe built in my room to store all these fabulous pairs of shoes. Can’t see that happening for a while but I’m working on that.

Every color in these shoes has that vibrancy to go with black, and if I did own so many pairs? I’d say I would be spoilt for choice if I had this collection. Well dreaming over!! So going back to when I went to the SJP boutique in the USA, It was basically like I went into a sweet store wanting the candy bar!! Seeing all these gorgeous colours I’d say it was like being in shoe heaven!!  So moving on..


when I dress in black I like to add that pop of color to the outfit experimenting by accessorizing with pieces of Jewelry and then adding footwear for that choice of color. Nude tones and Red colours are in right now in footwear and also goes perfectly well with black.


To spice up that dress if you want to Jazz it up with black go for adding silver, rose gold, gold or sparkly shimmered styles. Here I found a image of Angelina Jolie wearing a black chiffon long sleeved dress with gold and nude shade heels which look so striking with the dress. I love the cut and style on Angelina as she is so slim in size the shoes look perfect on her slim feet. This is a great look I have to say!







So guiding on how to dress that little black dress with the right type of footwear I have based and found my searches relatively, and simplified it to which types of shoes would go, but you can go for the sandal styles as well so there are a few images below that I thought would be great in style too!



I love Zara I rarely buy their footwear as we don’t have the store where I live so I have to shop else where in towns in reach of a zara store near by.

So above we have Sandal styles at Zara stores – we have a Soft leather mule – £49.99 and a caged high- heel  sandal – £69.99

Sandal styles in block heels are in as well we have the Toma Leather Heeled sandal at French Connection and the Woven Heeled Sandal at Karen Millen. These sandals would  look good with any style of clothing in black. Images are below on the types of dresses that would look great on with these types of sandals.



We have the Toma Leather Heeled Sandal at French Connection – £50.00 and the dress is a Broderie Anglais Dress at Warehouse – £42.00




Woven Sandal at Karen Millen – £145.00 and a Rene Black Dress at All Saints – £148.00

I hope this guide of styling the black dress with the right footwear has, given some of you that thought on colors and shoe types. I love accessorizing outfits especially when it comes to a brand of shoe that is going to compliment that little black dress! I might have to edit this blog and upload a image with me wearing a black dress with shoes of my styling. As they say one is never over dressed or under dressed in a little black dress. 🙂

Jaz Birk xx