Rejuvenating Collagen Shot Journey


Hello it has been a while since I wrote a blog last which was on fashion pieces in stripes! Well this blog that I’m sharing is totally different as it will not be about my talk on fashion, like I have done so on my previous blogs!

My journey is to tell you all about an amazing product based on skin health, and the benefits it has shown me, was when I came across The Beauty and The Boutique website. This product is a powdered formula dietary supplement drink with Marine Collagen, acai berry, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, natural sweetener (stevia) and natural flavouring berries.

This product is called Rejuvenated collagen shots containing Zinc, Copper and vitamin C which contributes to the normal formation of collagen and helps protect cells from Oxidative stress. This drink has proven to me in just 3 weeks what it has done to my skin which has made it look less dry, I noticed how my wrinkles and lines looked softer and not as noticeable, it has plumped my skin making it look brighter and clear and more so radiant to see. I love this product so much and I drink it every morning first thing on a empty stomach as you will find it will give you best results.

There is 10,000 mg of Marine collagen per serving and it comes as a powered formula to mix into 200 to 250 ml of water. My advice is to mix the powder which will come with a  measured scoop level spoon into warm tepid water, and let it sit for 1 minute and then whisk through till the powder is free of lumps and then add cold water to the remaining parts of powder that is mixed through and mix again. The water will turn into a nice pink color and it tastes of a fruity berry taste. My advice is if anyone is allergic to fish as the Marine collagen is made of hydrolysate (fish) then please consult your doctor first before taking it! I thought I best mention that in as dietary concerns is important to add.

Well now that I am on this journey,  I have a great team to thank who I have grown to love and make friends with by mentioning Katie and the ‘Beauty and the Boutique team’ at HQ who have been so great and, have made me feel so special by giving me gifts through the post, that they are simply amazing!! Coming across Beauty and the Boutique I would not have come across this product as social media plays a great part in that and, it was Instagram that did that when I followed @beautyandtheboutique so a big hug and thanks for you guys for doing a great job in being who you are.

You can order this amazing product at

The amazing person behind this is katie who is a inspiring beautiful woman who shows you fashion tips on outfits and stylist and is also a make up artist, she sells amazing skin products, make up products and has great tips on all her videos and, shows you how that can be done. There is one product that I can not wait to order in the make up range which is the VEIL ILLUMINATING COMPLEXION FIX another secret behind that which I  might have to share at some point but moving on as I was saying, there are a wide range of other great products too  which you can get on the above link as well.

Images are uploaded of my before and after pics in taking the collagen shots and although I have good skin I have found that this product has done some amazing results even more so on  my complexion and, as I reveal my age drum roll please!!! hahaha!  I am 47 years old I can imagine some faces must be surprised in reading this blog! I guess I have to thank my parents in having great genes in the family where my parents even look good in their 70’s!!


Before Pic was just a week in drinking the rejuvenating collagen shots and the after pic was into 3 weeks of drinking them, as in the after pic I am wearing a little bit of make up but you can see the difference, in how plumped my skin looks and the number 11 frown lines between my eyebrows in the before pic you can see more so than the after pic as my forehead looks smoother and my skin is glowing. So 10 out of 10 rating on my review on this product and it is a thumbs up from me. Not the best before pic but that was me first thing in the morning with a no make up face!!!

IMG_7435 (2)

I shall be continuing my journey taking these shots for months to come and if you would like to purchase this product please go on the link in your google search engines and click and take a wonder through and get yours today! I am glad that I did and kindly had got another gift supply from my wonderful friends at HQ who are truly amazing and I cannot thank them enough. This blog is dedicated out to Katie and her wonderful team at Beauty and the Boutique who, I based my blog journey on and I felt passionate to write about this product that has shown me some gold stars. Keep up the good work guys and I look forward to getting some more products and hope to write more blogs and reviews about them.

love and best wishes until my next blog piece!

Jaz Birk xx




Stripes of Summer


Hi it’s been some time since I last wrote a blog, as I have been slightly busier than normal so I thought it was time now to squeeze one in!

This time I will be sharing my thoughts on how to style yourself in striped outfits for this seasons summer 2018! Firstly stripes can be styled with other garments that could be with jeans or you can go for a whole outfit in stripes. I bought a striped red and white shirt dress from H&M a few weeks ago, and still have not worn it yet as I haven’t found the right type of footwear to go with this dress.  Below there is a image of it for you to see.


IMG_7112 (2).PNGconverse-chuck-taylor-all-star-craft-sl-ox-white-gold-white-shoes-low-top-trai--9097-500x500_0SD_01_T02_1139W_B0_X_EC_90

So here I have a couple of suggestion ideas on dressing this striped red and white shirt dress, a pair of white chuck converse and a pair of wedged red espadrille sandals would look great with this dress! Red Espadrilles sandals are from M&S @ £19.50

This shirt dress comes slightly small on the chest area so bear this in mind and go for a size bigger than the size you are! I went and bought a size 8 thinking it was going to fit,  turned out I had to get it in a size 10 and I love that it has a belt to tie to cinch in at the waist. I would definitely consider wearing this dress with white trainers for a casual look and wear it with red or white espadrilles white wedge sandals for a more formal day look.

Next up we have two striped tops from Missguided that you can wear with denim jeans.


Navy Stripe Crop Top – £20.00   Red Stripe Ruffle Sleeve Wrap Top – £20.00



red-stripe-ruffle-sleeve-wrap-top (1)

These styles look great on with denim as the tops are cropped you can wear them with high waist jeans or as the model is wearing with the red stripe ruffle sleeve top, a denim floral skirt. Basing on this stripe styling, trainers would look great on for foot wear or flat mule type sandals. My daughter has purchased both these tops so I am intrigued to see what they will look like on.

In New Look stores they have the Rochelle Edit collection also in this summer seasons stripes. You can look online or go to their stores and check out this collection as its inspiring to see celebs collaborating with stores and modelling the styles that are in this summer season. Rochelle is certainly rocking this summer look with this Bardo rainbow striped Knit top!


IMG_7134 (2).PNG


Here we have THE Rochelle EDIT collection featuring the Rainbow Stripe Knit Cropped T-Shirt @ – £12.99


Outer wear styling in stripes is also out for this years Spring/Summer styles too image below we have a striped blazer with a t-shirt and jeans for a formal casual look or you can dazzle the eyes of some walking down the streets wearing, a two piece striped suit and a turtle neck top.

Loving the look on both but I have to say I probably would not wear the two piece striped suit as I am not that confident enough to wear it. Not sure where the light blue and red stripe two piece suit is from as I was searching through some images and uploaded it to show. The black and white stripe blazer below is from River Island pricing at £59.99



Here I have put a flat lay style together with a Striped wrap top blouse and jeans and I love this blouse because I like the floral applique trim detailing on the blouse as it wraps round you cinching at the waist line with a wrap over tie belt.

This blouse was in the sale at New Look @ £9.00

IMG_6906 (2).JPG

Lastly here I am wearing the striped Red and white shirt dress from H&M @ £29.99 I have paired my outfit with nude wedged sandals.  I hope my styling with stripes has given you some ways of how to dress with stripes although, it is not hard and it is easy to base stripes with other clothing adding plain textures with them.


You can follow me at for styling inspo and fashion tips. This blog post will be in the link in my bio.

Jaz Birk xx

What Shoes to wear with the little black dress?

Hi its that time once again for me to blog about finding the right types of shoes with, a black dress. I guess it’s quite easy as black clothing goes with any type of shoes or sandals as it works as a good canvas to pop some color to a outfit. There’s a image I have uploaded below to show you, of a black short dress and Maroon Heels with a plat form sole. This style would be perfect for work attire or even a smart formal dinner date.

What I love about shoes is that no matter how many pairs you have, there are styles of matching them up with any black dress. Whether they are strapped sandals or high heeled shoes these looks work well, even on a black jumpsuit or black trousers or black jeans!

If you are going for that casual look in style, there is a image below of a model in a long sleeve black t shirt dress wearing white high top converse trainers, sunglasses and carrying a black tote bag. This look is basic and street styled for a comfortable look and black goes great with white trainer footwear.




Below we have different styles in shoes that happen to be in every color. I searched online and came across the Sarah Jessica Parker shoe line and still remember the day I visited one of her stores in the USA! It was just so great to see every shoe style in different colors and embellished with a diamond piece on top of some of the shoes.

Gorgeously designed and in a satin finish with a high heel these SJP shoes would look fab on with a little black dress. Now clearly if I owned every colour pair of shoes in my wardrobe which I don’t!!  I would firstly have to get a walk in wardrobe built in my room to store all these fabulous pairs of shoes. Can’t see that happening for a while but I’m working on that.

Every color in these shoes has that vibrancy to go with black, and if I did own so many pairs? I’d say I would be spoilt for choice if I had this collection. Well dreaming over!! So going back to when I went to the SJP boutique in the USA, It was basically like I went into a sweet store wanting the candy bar!! Seeing all these gorgeous colours I’d say it was like being in shoe heaven!!  So moving on..


when I dress in black I like to add that pop of color to the outfit experimenting by accessorizing with pieces of Jewelry and then adding footwear for that choice of color. Nude tones and Red colours are in right now in footwear and also goes perfectly well with black.


To spice up that dress if you want to Jazz it up with black go for adding silver, rose gold, gold or sparkly shimmered styles. Here I found a image of Angelina Jolie wearing a black chiffon long sleeved dress with gold and nude shade heels which look so striking with the dress. I love the cut and style on Angelina as she is so slim in size the shoes look perfect on her slim feet. This is a great look I have to say!







So guiding on how to dress that little black dress with the right type of footwear I have based and found my searches relatively, and simplified it to which types of shoes would go, but you can go for the sandal styles as well so there are a few images below that I thought would be great in style too!



I love Zara I rarely buy their footwear as we don’t have the store where I live so I have to shop else where in towns in reach of a zara store near by.

So above we have Sandal styles at Zara stores – we have a Soft leather mule – £49.99 and a caged high- heel  sandal – £69.99

Sandal styles in block heels are in as well we have the Toma Leather Heeled sandal at French Connection and the Woven Heeled Sandal at Karen Millen. These sandals would  look good with any style of clothing in black. Images are below on the types of dresses that would look great on with these types of sandals.



We have the Toma Leather Heeled Sandal at French Connection – £50.00 and the dress is a Broderie Anglais Dress at Warehouse – £42.00




Woven Sandal at Karen Millen – £145.00 and a Rene Black Dress at All Saints – £148.00

I hope this guide of styling the black dress with the right footwear has, given some of you that thought on colors and shoe types. I love accessorizing outfits especially when it comes to a brand of shoe that is going to compliment that little black dress! I might have to edit this blog and upload a image with me wearing a black dress with shoes of my styling. As they say one is never over dressed or under dressed in a little black dress. 🙂

Jaz Birk xx